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Bharat is regaining its lost glory with each passing day. For time immemorial, this land has shown the path to mankind as a civilization. Despite being in shackles of slavery: culturally and economically ransacked and abused for over a thousand years, we have managed to thrive and recuperate in terms of culture and civilization. Today we are at such a great juncture where the world is looking up tous for the solutions to present-day crises. Be it climate change, economic, political crisis, or the Covid-19 pandemic, we have led on all fronts. India will be celebrating 100 years of independence from the colonial slavery in the year 2047, 25 years from now. At Bharat@2047, we look forward to discussing the road map for the next 25 years for us in terms of Dharma, Politics, Economy, Education, Governance, Media, Films, Policy Making, etc., by the experts of the respective domains in the presence of the Policy Makers of the country. We, the people of Surat, are eagerly waiting to witness this Maha-Manthan of 3 days on 20-22 January 2023.
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